Purdue University

I am Yixuan Qiu, a PhD student in Department of Statistics, Purdue University.

My research focuses on statistical machine learning and inference. I have great interest in statistical computing, large scale data analysis, and data visualization. The Projects page lists some open source software and other projects that I have done.

I am pretty much a “useR”, since R is so naturally connected with Statistics. Apart from this, I also keep an eye on other open source projects and programming languages – some of them are useful in statistical computing, and others are simply for fun. GitHub is a nice place to find these stuffs, and even this blog is open source in this GitHub repository.

I graduated from Renmin University of China, where I obtained B.A. and M.A. in Statistics and Actuarial Science, respectively. There I stayed for six years in the city of Beijing. That was a good memory.

You can always reach me through email, yixuanq [at] gmail [dot] com. Feel free to send me messages or leave comments here.